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AA. VV.,The Muse in the Wheels. Pirelli: a Century of Art at the Service of its Products

Mantova,  Corraini 2015 - Prima edizione (First Edition)

A project by Fondazione Pirelli, edited by Giovanna Ginex. Texts by Giovanna Ginex (The Factory and the Artists. Pirell's Image and Communications, 1872-1945), Chiara Guizzi (Pirelli Propaganda, 1872-1972), Martina De Pretis (The Artists and Pirelli Magazine, 1948-1972). The Pirelli Historical Archives. Sketches for Advertising Campaigns. Illustrations for Pirelli Magazine. Bibliography. With color illustrations (works by:Giuseppe Ajmone, Fulvio Bianconi, Renato Guttuso, Lora Lamm, Riccardo Manzi, Alessandro Mendini, Bruno Munari, Marcello Nizzoli, Bob Noorda, Toni e Nino Pagot, Armando Testa et al.)

4to,  pp. 448 Brossura (wrappers)  Perfetto (Mint)

" The relations between Pirelli and artists date back to the start of the company's history. The first forms of figurative communication appeared shortly after the founding of the firm when they focused on images of the factory, from the first drawing by an anonymous artist of the small building of 1873, to the more complex views by the painters Antonio Bonamore e Mario Stroppa. ...From the post-war era to the end of the 1960s, some pf the most outstanding exponents of Italian graphical design (including Albe Steiner, Bruno Munari, Studio Boggeri, Ezio Bonini, Franco Grignani...) and some of the biggest names in international graphics (Raymond Savignac, Pavel Michael Engelmann, Alan Fletcher, Pino Milàs..), worked on advertisements for Pirelli products, contributing to create a Pirelli "Style" of communications that was synonymous with quality, innovation and experimentation, and combined the company's promotional needs with elements from the worlds of culture a nd design. Valuable records of this history are conserved in Fondazione Pirelli's corporate Historical Archives" 



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