Artists seen by photographers

A selection of books by famous photographers who have dedicated their gaze to the work of equally famous artists, in private moments, in their ateliers, or during the Venice biennials and exhibitions in galleries. Among these: Ugo Mulas, Paolo Mussat Sartor, Elisabetta Catalano, Alfred Stieglitz, Giorgio Colombo, Mimmo Jodice, Mario Giacomelli.

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[...] sequences of images that present themselves as a visual reading of the works of these artists, with the aim not only of faithfully restoring the meaning of the work, but also of grasping the sense of artistic creativity. In fact, photography never stops the work from a standardized point of view but uses a nomadic and dynamic look, slowed down and static, according to the internal rhythm and the different connotation given by the artist to his own aesthetic situation.
(Achilles Bonito Oliva)