Rif: 235752

TIRELLI, Guido (Reggio Emilia, 1883 – Barcellona, 1940)Palazzine e ville signorili

Torino,  Società Italiana di edizioni Artistiche C. Crudo & C. 1923

50 projects in 66 black and white plates. Preface by G. B. Milani

cm 42x32,  pp. 4 + tavole Fogli sciolti in cartelletta (loose as issued in original portfolio)  Molto buono (Very Good)

Guido Tirelli (Reggio Emilia, 1883 - Barcelona, 1940) - Engineer and architect initially active in the Emilia area and later also in Milan, Genoa, Latina and Sanremo. He established prolific friendship and working relationships with other leading exponents of Art Nouveau culture. His role in Reggio Emilia was important, where he worked to foster and stimulate the development and growth of architectural, artistic and, quite unusual for the time, urban planning culture. He was, in fact, the first architect from Reggio Emilia capable of elaborating a new architectural language, that Art Nouveau still alien to a provincial reality anchored to the values of historical tradition 
He died tragically in a plane crash in the skies over Barcelona in 1940.