Rif: 215618

MOVIMENTO ARTE CONCRETAArte Concreta. 24 litografie originali

Milano,  Salto Editore 1949 - Edizione originale di 250 esemplari numerati e firmati (Original edition of 250 numbered and signed copies)

Afro, Bombelli, Bordoni, Dorfles, Fontana, Garau, Huber, Mazzon, Monnet, Munari, Soldati, Veronesi. Fourth portfolio of the series "arte concreta" with 24 original colour lithographs on loose quatrains, signed in pencil (except those by Afro, Bordoni, one by Fontana, Mazzon, Munari, Soldati and Veronesi which are signed only on stone). Sheet: 32x22 cm. Text by Giulio Carlo Argan and "Main events in Italian Concrete Art". Italian and French edition

Esemplare n. 183. Copertina tipografica. Stampa non indicata (ottobre 1949)

4to (cm 32,7 x 23),  pp. 8 + tavole Brossura (wrappers)  Molto buono (Very Good)
[Rif. Maffei Giorgio, M.A.C. Movimento Arte Concreta. L'opera editoriale. Milano, Edizioni Sylvestre Bonnard, 2004]

"Before the war, the then so-called abstractionist experience of Soldati, Veronesi, Munari, Fontana and a few isolated others documented an Italian participation in this last attempt at international figurative art, which had its ideal centre in the Bauhaus. After the war, other artists joined that scattered avant-garde, and a well-defined concretist direction took shape in Italy as well. Critics, in general, are opposed to these new researches: willing, at best, to accept a generic anti-naturalistic polemic, but obstinate in demanding inspiration and sentiment, in evaluating as poetic deformation or the last romantic convulsion forms that are instead essentially constructive, pedagogical, intended to free figuration from emotional impulses" (Giulio Carlo Argan).