Time suspended. Focus on Luciano D'Alessandro

Starting January 20, 2023, Magazzini Fotografici is hosting in its spaces Il tempo sospeso. Focus on Luciano D'Alessandro, an exhibition itinerary that focuses attention on the great author and his archive, bringing back to light a collection of photographs from an almost entirely unpublished folder and many of his original contact specimens. A lengthy recovery and printing operation has returned the intimate and delicate account of the inner world of Luciano D'Alessandro (Naples, 1933 - Naples 2016), a master of Italian photojournalism who was a correspondent for some of the major Italian and foreign photojournalistic publications, celebrated by Achille Bonito Oliva, Domenico Rea, Martin Parr and a friend of photographers of the caliber of Henri-Cartier Bresson and Josef Koudelka. 

The event, made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Luciano D'Alessandro Archive, acquired in 2016 by Studio Bibliografico Marini, and Yvonne De Rosa, founder and artistic director of Magazzini Fotografici, brings to the exhibit, in addition to some iconic photographs of his best-known works (The Excluded - Inside the Work - Inside the Houses), several original contact specimens, a rich selection of images from the folder he named "LOVE," a precious container of the most intimate moments of Luciano D'Alessandro's life in 6264 frames, and offers for screening the documentary dedicated to the project Gli esclusi. 

Throughout the duration of the exhibition there will also be live and online events aimed at analyzing, through the contributions of those who have known him and those who have deepened and studied his work, the author's complex photographic universe. Planned guests include Adele Marini, Luciano Ferrara, Sergio Rivolo, Antonio Biasiucci, Vera Maone, Fabio Donato, Luciano Romano, Raffaela Mariniello, and Luca Sorbo.