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DEAL, Colby (Houston, 1988)Beautiful, Still

London,  Mack 2022 - Prima edizione (First Edition)

An essay by Garry Reece and a poem by Hakeem Furious. Black and white photographs by Colby Deal

Cm 28x24,  pp. 160 Rilegato (hardback)  Perfetto (Mint)

Beautiful, Still. is the first monograph from photographer Colby Deal, documenting the people, objects, and environments of everyday life in the Third Ward neighbourhood in Houston, Texas, where the artist grew up. In this ongoing project, currently consisting of over a thousand negatives, Deal sets out to provide a visual record of overlooked communities and the cultural characteristics gradually being erased by gentrification, as well as a depiction of communities of colour whose members are often portrayed with negative connotations. The scratches and dust left on the negatives reflect the marks of lived life and simultaneously suggest the fragility of these documents and the corresponding precarity of the fabrics of social life they often depict. From these alternately staged and documentary images, a new narrative emerges about a reductively and oppressively narrativized place, celebrating the agency and freedom that the photographic medium can offer.