Rif: 233160

ARTESE, Fabio (Roma, 1982)Benvenuti tra i rifiuti

Roma,  Beauroma Books 2023 - Prima edizione di 82 esemplari numerati (First edition of 82 numbered copies)

Black and white photographs by Fabio Artese. The book contains quotes from: Battisti / Mogol, Giorgio Caproni, Gianluigi Gherzi, Mariangela Gualtieri, Robert Lax, Sandro Penna, Pufuleti, Amalia Rosselli, Kae Tempest

Printed in Xerox on non-woven fabric. Case in acetate with screen printing. Examples 14/82 and 11/82

Cm 18,5x25,  pp. 30 Softcover, cucitura Singer, custodia in acetato  Nuovo (New)

Fabio Artese's artist book, edited by Lola Giffard-Bouvier, records the photographer's "poet bombing" operations around the city of Rome. After a reflection on the abandoned mattress object and the grotesque sensation it generates to the eye. The abandoned mattress tells of an intimacy that becomes external: the impression of those who have slept on it, made love, cried, is displayed in the street, hovers like a ghost as it becomes rejection.
The photographer then decides to use the quilted surface to write sentences of poetry, from well-known authors of Italian poetry (Penna, Gualtieri, etc.) to exponents of the national and international music scene (Pufuleti, Kae Tempest), to transform the object and give him back his message of intimacy.

The edition, made with non-woven fabric pages and housed inside an acetate case that bears a graphic pattern of the mattress quilt, reinforces the photographer's work by creating an ideal editorial context.

Beauroma Books is a small Roman publishing house born from the passion for books of the young French designer Lola Giffard-Bouvier, graduated in typography in Brussels and based in Rome.