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IACOLUTTI, Giulia (1985)Casa Azul

Gorizia,  Studiofaganel 2019 - Prima edizione di 460 esemplari numerati + 40 copie in edizione speciale con una cianotipia originale (First edition of 460 numbered copies + 40 special edition copies with an original cyanotype)

Photographs, design and texts in Spanish from the testimonies of América, Martina, Frida, Gabi by Giulia Iacolutti. Sociological research by Chloé Constant. English texts printed in booklet on back cover, translated by Erika Ruíz Vitela

Copia con firma autografa dell'Artista (Copy signed by the Artist)

Cm 25x17,  pp. 92 n.n. Rilegato tela (cloth)  Ottimo (Fine)

In collaboration with a sociologist, Iacolutti manages to obtain interaction with five trans women inmates of the men's prison in Mexico City. In this way, a socio-visual investigation comes to life, delicately touching on themes ranging from the construction of gender identity to the daily discrimination of trans women, branching out into the constant parallel between different prisons: their own bodies, society and the prison itself.

The inmates, forced to wear blue (hence the name 'casa azul'), find themselves fighting for their right to be a woman against an adverse system, both inside and outside the prison. In the book, the Prussian blue of the cyanotype portraits alternate with abstract landscapes tinged with pink: they are histological samples of healthy prostate cells: "If blue evokes the outside and passive identification, pink speaks of the inside, of the self and self-determination. Casa Azul shows the eternal binary struggle these people face in their everyday lives to be who they are: women."