Rif: 226155

BLOKLAND, Sara (Paesi Bassi, 1969)De Politiekapel van Suriname. The Police Band of Suriname

Amsterdam,  Van Zoetendaal Publishers 2010 - Prima edizione (First Edition)

A text by André Loor. Colour and black-and-white photographs, many of them full-page, by Sara Blokland. Dutch and English edition

Design and image editing: Willem van Zoetendaal - Full leather cover with silver engravings on front plate

Cm 30,5x21,5,  pp. 132 Rilegato pelle (leather binding)  Ottimo (Fine)
[Rif. Parr Martin, Badger Gerry, The Photobook: A History III. London, Phaidon 2014]

Suriname is the only Dutch-speaking country in South America. The former Dutch Guiana, it lies between French Guiana and Guyana on the continent's northeast coast, and gained full independance in 1975. If the country's police band seems an unlikely subject for a photobook, it is only because outsiders do not appreciate the social and political place of the band in the fabric of Surinamese society. It provides music for both official state and private events, and is considered an important part of the cultural scene in a country that has so recently attained an independant sense of identity. The book can be considered ‘the book of the film' of the same name by Afra Jonker, yet it is a separate creation by photographer Sara Blokland and designer Willem van Zoetendaal. (History Volume 3, Martin Parr & Gerry Badger, page 130).