Rif: 234810

FRANK, Robert (Zurigo, 1924 - Inverness, 2019)London/Wales

Gottingen,  Steidl 2017 - Seconda edizione (2nd Edition)

90 black and white photographs by Robert Frank. A text by Philip Brookman on a loose booklet

Cm 24,5x20,  pp. 126 Rilegato tela, sovracoperta (cloth, dust jacket)  Perfetto (Mint)

London/Wales brings together two distinct bodies of work to reveal a new understanding of Franks contribution to the history of photography. Juxtaposing the world of money and the world of work in post-war England, Frank photographed London bankers, workers, and children, and Welsh coal miners and their families. These images poetically evoke relationships between the classes during a time of change in Britain. Featuring 90 black and white photographs, London/Wales tells a timeless story of cities, people, and institutions in transition through emotional, evocative images while revealing Franks struggle to forge a new form of poetic narrative photography.