Rif: 232380

JODICE, Mimmo (Napoli, 1934)Napoli sospesa

s.l.,  Agip Petroli - Synchron 1988 - Prima edizione di 150 esemplari numerati (First edition of 150 numbered copies)

Volume published on the occasion of the exhibition SottoNapoli. Introductory text by Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani. An appendix by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle ("Naples and the avant-garde of the image"). With 15 large and beautiful photographs by Mimmo Jodice

Printed at Union Printing (Viterbo)

Cm 32,5x32,5,  pp. 62 Brossura, custodia (wrappers, slip-case)  Ottimo (Fine)

"No, then, to the 'bassi' and the protagonism of the close-ups, the absence of people, as if the population had disappeared behind the images of wood and stucco, behind the papier-mâché frames and swollen plaster, behind the church façades and the empty open windows of the old palazzi. Jodice's protest is mute, his Naples laden with history is also intensely present as a place for a modern reflection on today with the tools of today. The new figures, the protagonists of the modern city are our ways of reflecting on it. Jodice believes that this is designing the city' (from Quintavalle's text).