Rif: 232649

MULAS, Ugo (Pozzolengo, 1928 - Milano, 1973)Ugo Mulas. La scena dell'arte. Photocolors

Milano,  Electa 2008

Volume published on the occasion of the exhibition at GAM, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. Curated by Pier Giovanni Castagnoli, Valentina Mulas and Melina Mulas. Text by Uliano Lucas and Tatiana Agliani. Interview by Pier Giovanni Castagnoli with Uliano Lucas. Biography, Bibliography

Cm 26,5x25,5,  pp. 206 Rilegato, sovracoperta (hard cover, dust jacket)  Molto buono (Very Good)

Ugo Mulas worked a lot with colour, although he favoured black and white where he could personally intervene in the printing. The decision to exhibit and publish these unpublished works stems from the desire to show how a master of black and white used colour. Perfect cuts, exemplary light, memorable portraits: this volume brings together a careful selection to reactivate the research and knowledge of a special, investigative personality of a great photographer.