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JOYCE, James (Dublin, 1882 - Zurich, 1941)James Joyce e la prima versione italiana del Finnegan's Wake

Venezia,  Edizioni del Cavallino 1982 - Seconda edizione (2nd Edition)

On the cover portrait of James Joyce from a Franco Gentilini painting. Printed on pink paper.

8vo,  pp. 56 Brossura (wrappers)  Nuovo (New)

In this volume, Ettore Settanni presents an accurate study of Joyce, whom he knew and frequented during his Parisian period, and at the same time the first Italian translation of the passage from Finnegan's Wake by Anna Livia Plurabella. Joyce himself collaborated on the translation

The first edition of this volume had appeared in 1955 with the same publisher, with the same publisher, in 1000 numbered copies. Anna Livia Plurabella's translation was first published in the journal Perspectives in 1940.