Rif: 235852

BORISSOVA, Julia (Tallinn, Estonia)He Had A Hat

San Pietroburgo,  Edizione a cura dell'Artista 2021 - Edizione originale di 25 esemplari numerati e firmati (Original edition of 25 numbered and signed copies)

Artist's book illustrated in black and white. Small drawings have been added to the photographs in each of the 25 books. Each copy is therefore to be considered unique. Enclosed is an envelope containing a loose board and a letter, and a digital print, titled, numbered and signed on the back (19x14.5 cm). Texts in Russian and Italian

Hand-made book with two different types of up-cycled Favini paper: gray-white melange and pearlescent shade. There are also some inserts with Silver surfaces - Favini Majestic paper. The cover is made of thick, 360 g, Favini Refit Wool - the recycled paper from cotton and wool. Hand-sewed with cutouts on the cover and endpaper. Copy 22/25

Cm 20x15,  pp. 68 Brossura (wrappers)  Nuovo (New)

He Had a Hat is an artist's book in which personal hidden memories resurface through the story of a fictional character. The texts are excerpts from the stories of Samuel Beckett “The Expelled”, “First Love” and the novel “Molloy”.