Manganelliana. All books by Giorgio Manganelli in first edition.

Giorgio Manganelli was born in Milan on November 15, 1922. In 1945 he graduated in political science from the University of Parma, with a thesis on the political doctrines of seventeenth-century Italy. During the war he participated in the resistance, was arrested and risked being shot. After the war, his activity took place between teaching at high schools, publishing short stories and critical interventions in literary magazines and newspapers (La Fiera letteraria, Il Caffè, Quindici, Il verri, Il Menabò, L'espresso, Il Mondo and many others) and translating works by English-speaking authors for major Italian publishing houses (Mondadori, Einaudi, Bompiani, etc.). In the 1970s he had been an assistant to Gabriele Baldini at the chair of English literature at the Faculty of Magisterium of the University of Rome "La Sapienza."

In his youth he had met Alda Merini a tormented love affair had been born between the two, partly because Manganelli (27) was married with a daughter and Merini was only 15. In 1953 the poet dedicated her first poetry collection to him, La presenza diOrfeo, published by Scheiwiller.

Manganelli also worked on contemporary art with critical essays, monographs and catalogs on Lucio Fontana, Toti Scialja, Gianfranco Baruchello and many others. He was editor, together with Alfredo Giuliani, Achille Perilli and Gastone Novelli, of the important art magazine Grammatica, published in Rome since 1964, editor-in-chief Achille Perilli.

He was one of the most active protagonists of Gruppo 63, the neo-avant-garde literary movement formed in Palermo in October 1963

Giorgio Manganelli died in Rome on May 28, 1990. His archive is kept at the Center for Studies on the Manuscript Tradition of Modern and Contemporary Authors at the University of Pavia.