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GRANNAN, Katy (Arlington, 1969); HUGHES, Hannah (Tampa),The Glint of Light on Broken Glass

Paso Robles,  Nazraeli Press 2016 - Prima ed. di 100 es. numerati e firmati dall'A.

Six by Six: Set 6, Volume 4. With a separate exhibition-quality original print, numbered and signed on 11 x 14 inch paper. 37 colour photographs / Con una stampa originale sciolta su carta pesante, numerata e firmata al verso (Esemplare 74/100. Cm 35,5x27,5). 37 riproduzioni offset a quattro colori di fotografie, principalmente a piena pagina. Le immagini sono tratte dal film documentario The Nine del 2016, diretto da Katy Grannan, con Hannah Hughes come aiuto regista

N. 74/100. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, printed on exclusive heavyweight Japanese paper and bound in Japanese cloth. Artists's signatures inserted into an eyelet to the back cover / Stampato su carta giapponese pesante e rilegato in tela giapponese. Firma delle Artiste inserita in un occhiello al piatto posteriore

4to (cm 36x29),  pp. 32 Rilegato tela, sovracoperta (cloth, dust jacket)  Perfetto (Mint)

La serie Six by Six comprende 36 libri accompagnati da 36 fotografie originali firmate. Ogni titolo della serie è limitato a 100 copie numerate, stampate su esclusiva carta giapponese di grammatura pesante, rilegate in panno giapponese. Ogni libro contiene una stampa originale, numerata e firmata dall'artista.
"The radio is as good a portrait as anything else—as indicative of who we are and how we live. "Heat wave! (And it's starting to smell pretty ripe.) Be careful and stay indoors!" Christian rock, death metal, bellowing Latino deejays and creepy preachers (who, for some reason, I cannot shut off.) This is the soundscape of nowhere, a desert of boredom, the place where history happens somewhere else. I've spent the last seven years here, looking closely, listening carefully and growing to love this unforgiving place. I cannot reconcile the fact that the sublime lives alongside the unimaginable or that the myth of reinvention, the promise of something better, ended right here. These photographs and film stills describe a place that is not entirely knowable and a paradox that will never be resolved. It's the other side of the American Dream and it feels like home."



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