Rif: 206911

WEBER, Bruce (Greensburg 1946),No Valet Parking

Milano,  Photology 1994 - Prima edizione (First Edition)

Illustrated with black and white and colour plates. Text by Bruce Weber (NYC, 1994) / Illustrato con fotografie in bianco e nero e a colori. Testo di Bruce Weber (New York City,1994)

Design di John Cheim

16mo (cm 19x13,5),  pp. 92 Rilegato (hardback)  Ottimo (Fine)

Raro fotolibro di Bruce Weber, pubblicato in occasione dell'esposizione presso la Galleria Photology di Milano del 1994. Il libro è un'ode al Montana, dove l'Autore vive con la sua famiglia: "A lot of people come to Montana wanting to experience the west and become a cowboy just like John Wayne. I couldn't imagine doing that, because I don't ride, I don't hunt animals, and I never wear cowboy boots. But that's okay, because nobody in Montana cares what you look like or what you do. There's an old story that Steve McQueen once came to the Chico Inn in Montana, with Ali McGraw. He was there to meet Sam Peckinpah, and start work on "The Gateway". He walked into the bar and asked the bartender for a beer, and the bartender said, 'Hy, my name's Jim-what's yours?" Hesitatingly he answered, "Steve McQueen". And the bartender said, 'Where are you from Steve?'"