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LANGE, Dorothea (Hoboken, 1895 - San Francisco, 1965)Dorothea Lange looks at the American Country Woman

Fort Worth - Los Angeles,  Amon Carter Museum - Ward Ritchie Press,  1968 - Second printing

A photographic essay by Dorothea Lange with a commentary by Beaumont Newhall. 28 photographs in black and white. Autobiography and two texts by Dorothea Lange (October 1960 and June 1965)

8vo,  pp. 72 Molto buono (Very Good)

''These are women of the American soil. They are a hardy stock. They are of the roots of our country. They inhabit our plains, our prairies, our deserts, our mountains, our valleys, and our country towns. They are not our well-advertised women of beauty and fashion, nor are they a part of the well-advertised American style of living. These women represent a different mode of life. They are of themselves a very great American style. They live with courage and purpose, a part of our tradition'' (D. Lange).



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