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CARTIER-BRESSON, Henri (Parigi, 1908 - Parigi, 2004)Henri Cartier-Bresson. Mexican Notebooks 19034-1964

London,  Thames and Hudson,  1995

Introduzione di Carlos Fuentes. Fotografie in bianco e nero di Henri Cartier-Bresson

8vo,  pp. 86 Rilegato tela, sovracoperta (cloth, dust jacket) Molto buono (Very Good)

This new book brings together for the first time a collection of photographs taken on two separate visits to Mexico - the first in 1934, just as the young twenty-seven-year-old was embarking on his photographic career, and the second some thirty years later. The dramatic images record with brutal accuracy the panorama of everyday life - an execution wall; crowded markets; stark, dusty landscapes; children playing in alleys - a unique record of a country and its people that includes some of the most famous and powerful photographic images of the century.



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