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CAIMI, Jean-Marc e Valentina PICCINNI R-Home

Roma,  Edizione privata / Self-published,  2018 - Edizione originale di 8 es. (Edition of 8 copies)

Menabò originale. Fotografie in bianco e nero. Con inserti di carta traslucida colorata e bianca e un poster ripiegato nell'apertura centrale del libro (cm 42x29)

8vo Brossura (wrappers) Nuovo (New)

Battered by a growing decline, Rome remains one of the most tourist-loved places in the world with a stereotyped postcard-friendly surface. Our daily life in Rome made us witness a dramatic change of the city, with political, social and economic aspects involved and a feeling of uncertainty towards the future. The contrasts between the grandeur of the past and a shadowy
present becomes stronger. In this critical moment of ongoing mutation it became clear that the city was expressing its most intimate and vulnerable side. We felt the urge to capture the city
exploring its multifaceted underlying texture, made of a series of hidden microcosms often parted from each other by cultural, social and ideological basics, converging and formally connecting while emerging on the surface. We built a complex range of relations with people and places, in order to remap the city. Thanks to a domino effect, we gradually expanded our network of connections and enabled a mutual permeability, photographer-lieu, photographer-subject, giving us the opportunity of a more human-sized documentation. These monadic worlds have been for us the key to our personal account of the city and opened up a renewed perception, that brought us closer to unveil the spirit of the Eternal City.



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