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HAUSTHOR, Dylan & Paul GUILMOTHSleep Creek (Second Printing)

Atene,  Void 2019 - Prima edizione, seconda ristampa (First Edition, Second Printing)

Fotografie in bianco e nero di Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth

Design: Joao Linneu

8vo (cm 17 x 21,5),  pp. 144 Brossura (wrappers)  Nuovo (New)

Anche se "Sleep Creek" offusca i confini tra realtà e finzione, l'intenzione degli artisti non è mai stata quella di confondere, ma piuttosto di costruire un posto da zero, lasciando piccoli resti del luogo che inizialmente avevano deciso di documentare. Il loro impulso a contorcere il "luogo" ha avuto a che fare con gli inevitabili modi in cui il mondo esterno influenza il paesaggio interiore e la sua esperienza. Non ci sono inizi, intermezzi o finali nelle loro esperienze del mondo (dal sito della casa editrice).

"Dylan and Paul have been working together since 2011 but they only started making ‘Sleep Creek' in 2016, when they lived together in a cold house on Peaks Island, a small island only accessible by boat off of the coast of Maine. They gave themselves the boundary of the island as a perimeter to make photographs. It began as a traditional interest in place—a documentary of a piece of land and stories of its inhabitants, but as the work began to expand they let their thoughts cross-pollinate with those outside the island, namely their families and the lands that we were raised on."

"Even though ‘Sleep Creek' blurs the borders of reality and fiction, the intention of the artists was never to confuse, but rather to build a place from the ground up, leaving little remnants of the place they initially set out to document. Their impulse to contort “place” had to do with the inevitable ways the exterior world affects one's interior landscape and experience of it. There are no beginnings, middles, or ends in their experiences of the world." (from Void website).