Rif: 221993

FRANK, Robert (Zurigo, 1924 - Inverness, 2019)The Lines of my Hand

New York,  Pantheon Books 1989 - Prima edizione americana (First American Edition)

Fotografie di Robert Frank. Edizione rivista e curata da Robert Frank e Walter Keller

Firma autografa dell'Autore al frontespizio (Signed by the Author at the title page)

4to,  pp. 182 (cm 18x21) Rilegato, sovracoperta in acetato (cloth, acetate dust jacket) Le ultime 70 pagine sono leggermente deformate nella parte bassa e la copertina posteriore danneggiata all'angolo inferiore a causa di un colpo subito dal volume (The last 70 pages are slightly deformed in the lower part and the back cover damaged) Molto buono (Very Good)

"In many ways The Lines of My Hand can be regarded as the apotheosis of stream-of-consciousness photography [...] Frank's great confessional both sums up and marks the end not only of a photographic era, but a final coming to terms with the effects of World War II and the Bomb" (Parr & Badger, "The Photobook: A History. Volume I").

"I have been going forward, travelling my road while looking out. I am listening to my voice. The landscape changes and me too. Years ago a first version of The Lines of My Hands was published. Since then many have gone a way.
I continue to look and search for an image that comes close to a truth. It is my choice, it is my fate, and I continue" (Robert Frank).