Rif: 221142

LYON, Danny (New York, 1942)The Paper Negative

New York,  Bleak Beauty Books 1980 - Prima edizione (First Edition)

Fotografie in bianco e nero e testo di Danny Lyon

Design: Guy Russell

Firma autografa dell'Autore al frontespizio (Signed by the Author at the title-page)

8vo (cm 28x20),  pp. 64 Brossura (wrappers)  Ottimo (Fine)

Photographers traditionally have worked in silenceputting everything into the picturet that small area, measured in inches, that they have staked out. I have never done that, but have usually presented my photographs in books with a text. In the texts I have spoken through other people's voicessometimes out    of respect for what they had to say, and sometimes as a disguise for myself. Once again I reach out for a disguise, this time in the shape of Christopher A Leonnephotographer and filmmaker of the Southwest.