Rif: 205508

ADRIAN, Pic (Moinesti, 1910 - Barcelona, 2008),Occident - Orient (principle-art)

Barcelona,  Appa 1982

 Libro d'artista. I: Occident-Orient , the twenty diagrams. II: Occident-Orient, in pure graphic expression. Libro d'artista con un breve testo in inglese di Adrian

8vo (cm 31x24),  pp. 64 Brossura (wrappers)  Molto buono (Very Good)

Principle-Art culminates and goes beyond my theory of Essentialism. In the entity Art-now-of-the-visible the four fundamental concepts, Form and Space, Object and matter, determine two complexes, one of intellectual predominance and the other of instinctive predominance, the first ending in Essentialism, the second in Pop-art. ... (Pic Adrian)