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MOSSET, Olivier (Berna, 1944)16 Cardboard Toblerones

Paris,  Three Star Books,  2010 - Edizione originale di 125 es. numerati e firmati

Sedici pagine stampate su un lato con una sagoma fustellata su ogni pagina

Cm 40x30,  pp. 16 Rilegato tela con titoli dorati al piatto anteriore e al dorso (original cloth boards, titles to front cover and spine gilt) Nuovo (New)

Olivier Mosset is an unassuming but pivotal figure since the 1960s, in the discussion on how exactly the artwork should socially and aesthetically function. His work for Three Star Books is a highly contemporary «do-it-yourself» book in the spirit of much work being produced today, both by individual artists, and collaborative projects. In this book, the spectator can complete the work (or not). The small ensuing sculptures, a coda to the long line of monumental pieces Mosset produced on the same theme, is whimsically small and light, in comparison to its precedents. But here is where Mosset's act reveals itself as a cerebral one. While the Toblerone sculptures are references to the Swiss national repast, and to the military bunkers that dot the Swiss landscape, their very repetition reveals their most interesting facet: context. In a smooth act of near-industrializing a sculptural process, Mosset has placed Toblerones in a long line of austere and culturally important places, as well as executing them in various media, from ice to steel. The present version is executed in grey colors picked by Mosset, and constitutes a form no less significant in the artist's repertoire. And each context will differ, depending on the location of its fabrication and reader.



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