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CYTTER, Keren (Tel Aviv, 1977)The Amazing True Story of Moshe Klinberg - A Media Star

Paris,  Onestar press,  2009 - Edizione originale di 250 es. numerati

Libro d'artista. Alcune fotografie in bianco e nero

Cm 22,5 x 14,  pp. 150 non numerate Brossura (wrappers) Nuovo (New)

That's it. This is the story. When I told it to the stupid waitress that works with me she said it looks like an American movie to her despite the moral of the story. I asked her what the moral of the story was and she said, “That we all die in the end”. It seemed silly, I told her it's not a moral but a simple fact of life that any idiot knows. After a few days I went to work once more and this time another waitress was on duty - Ruty. While working in the kitchen and cutting vegetables for a salad I told her the story and then I told her about the moral from the stupid waitress. Ruty said it's nonsense and that it's not the moral of the story and asked me to add olives to the salad, I told her, “The moral of the story is that it's better to mind your own business, and to always look at things as a bystander, otherwise you get hurt” and surprisingly, Ruty said, “No. That's not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is that life is ironic and that life stinks”, to me it sounded like my own moral, only more generally put. So I had nothing to argue about. I sat next to her at the bar with a bowl and two forks and in the end we ate salad.



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