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FLAVIN, Dan (New York, 1933 - New York, 1996),Dan Flavin. Pink and Gold

Chicago,  Edizione a cura del Museo 1967

Libro d'artista stampato su carta perforata per computer pubblicato in occasione della mostra tenutasi presso il  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 9 dicembre 1967 - 14 gennaio 1968. Testo introduttivo di Jan Van Der Marck (Direttore del Museo). Stralci di testo di Dan Flavin, Don Judd, Dan Graham. Biografia, Esposizioni, Bibliografia

8vo (cm 21,5x29,5),  pp. 38 n.n. Foglio ripiegato in più parti (Folded sheet) Leggere bruniture e fioriture alle prima e ultima pagina, piccole mancanze ai bordi perforati della prima pagina (Some light yellowing to the covers, small lacks of paper to the edges of the first page) Molto buono (Very Good)

The MCA's fourth exhibition, Dan Flavin: Pink and Gold, presented an expansive installation by Dan Flavin, giving the groundbreaking artist his first solo museum exhibition and his very first showing in Chicago. In the installation, titled alternating pink and “gold,” 54 eight-foot-tall florescent light tubes alternating in pink and yellow were installed vertically across the six wall spaces of the museum at intervals of two, four, and six feet. As part of the exhibition, visitors were invited to feed pre-punched paper cards containing data through a rented IBM 1401 decimal computer (one of the first commercially affordable computers used by businesses from the 1950s–1970s) to print out personalized exhibition catalogues.

La quarta mostra del Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), Dan Flavin: Pink and Gold, presentava un'installazione dell'artista newyorkese che costituiva la sua prima mostra personale  in un museo e la sua prima esibizione a Chicago. Nell'installazione 54 tubi fluorescenti rosa e gialli di otto piedi di altezza erano installati verticalmente attraverso i sei spazi del museo a intervalli di due, quattro e sei piedi. Come parte della mostra, i visitatori erano stati invitati a  immettere schede cartacee pre-perforate contenenti dati  attraverso un computer decimale IBM 1401 noleggiato (uno dei primi computer commercialmente convenienti utilizzati dalle aziende degli anni '50 -'70) per stampare cataloghi personalizzati della mostra.

Dal catalogo:

"Friends, when as its artist I write about my proposal for fluorescent light, I develop a continuity of suggestive speculation. But, please understand that I do not wish to enforce conclusions against your individual participation with it, that would be as abusive as so much premature and presumptuous corrective art criticism. At best, I can advise inconsistently; certainly feel uninhibitedly qualified off on your own intelligence, as I had to be similarly, diagramming this appropriately obvious order.

Since the same confronting vertical pattern of alternating colored light for all walls is so apparent, it need not be discussed, except to indicate the variety that was deliberately sought from the varying lengths of each wall to be involved in installation. A relieving difference for me, but simple, discrete fixture placement adapted to coincide with similar structurally restrained aspects of the entire interior space is opposed by deploying the alternations of gaudy pink and gold. Then, I conclude that our peculiar informative gain with the exposition is the concrete delight of a vastly felt illuminated paradox.

Thank you,
Dan Flavin
December 6, 1967"



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