Rif: 122279

APERTURE,Aperture No 124, Summer 1991. Connoisseurs and Collection

New York,  Aperture Foundation Inc.,  1991

Featuring the collection of: Werner Bokelberg, Gerard Levy, Joshua P. Smith, Stanley B. Burns, Dorothy Norman, Thomas Walther. Articles by Arthur C. Danti (From Matchbooks to Masterpieces: Toward a Philosophy of Collecting), Harry Lunn (Hunter-Gatherers in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction), Peter C. Jones (High Times and Misdemeanors), Robert Dannin (People and ideas: Image and Identity in War. Photographs by Jolie Sthal). Photographs in black and white and color

8vo,  pp. 74 Ottimo (Fine)



Notizie dal mondo dell'arte, della fotografia, della letteratura, dell'architettura e del design, dei libri illustrati, d'artista, di pregio, rari e di svago...

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