Rif: 108578

ARTFORUM. Editor: Joseph Masheck,Artforum. Volume XVI, No. 3, November 1977

New York,  Artforum 1977

Summary: George Rickey (Naum Gabo, 1890-1977), Kenneth Baker (Some Exercises in Slow Perception), John Perreault (Issues in Pattern Painting), Lindsay Stamm Shapiro (Richard Meier?s Architecture of Purity and Possibility), John E. Bowlt (Symbolism and Modernity in Russia), Moira Roth (the Aesthetic of Indifference), William S. Wilson (Ralph Humphrey: An Apology for painting), Edgar Kaufmann (Who Shapes the world? A view from the place Beaubourg), Regina Cornwell (Edinburgh: The Film Festival Remodeled). Illustrated Cover: Naum Gabo at his home in Middlebury 1975 (photo: Carl Howard) 8vo,  pp. 86 Legatura con punto metallico (stapled binding) Copertina leggermente sporca e sciupata (Lightly soiled cover) Molto buono (Very Good)